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Wed, 23 Mar



Epidemiology & Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions

Session organizer: Tijl De Bie. Moderator: Tijl De Bie.

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Tijd en Locatie

23 Mar 2022, 11:45 – 24 Mar 2022, 12:30

KVS, Arduinkaai 7, 1000 Brussel, België

Info & agenda

How can epidemiological modeling help us to control the pandemic? What are the limitations of such models, and the assumptions behind them?

How can the effect of NPIs, and their utility in managing the pandemic, be estimated? How do we use them in the face of large uncertainties regarding their effectiveness and societal cost?

During this pandemic we have been confronted with such questions without much time for a broad scientific or public debate around them. In this session we will reflect on how we dealt with such issues in these difficult circumstances (in Belgium and abroad), and how we can learn from these past experiences to be better prepared for the future.


Round table discussion with:

  • Koen Deforche, Emweb
  • Lander Willem, UAntwerpen, SIMID consortium, Restore consortium


Dr. Koen Deforche, EMweb

Prof. Lander Willem, UAntwerpen, SIMID consortium, Restore consortium


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