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Toekomstgericht symposium rond Covid en pandemiebeleid
Symposium sur la Covid et la politique en matière de pandémies : un regard vers le futur
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On Wednesday 23 March the "Lentesymposium de Printempts" will start with a complete day program filled with in-depth sessions and debates in KVS in Brussels. On the afternoon of Thursday 24 March, still in KVS, the symposium will host four debates aimed at a broadly interested audience, alternated with cultural performances by Sioen and Lisette Ma Neza.









How dangerous is Omicron still?

Should we be expecting new variants?

What about the youth? And what about groups at risk?

Does the CST conflict with our fundamental rights?

What's the status of our psychological well-being?

Can we go out and enjoy culture safely, and how?

Will we need annual boosters?

What about international vaccine inequity?

How do we prepare ourselves for future crises?

What role should scientists play?

And what is the role of the media?



Almost exactly two years after the first lockdown, scientists and other public figures are getting together in the "Lentesymposium de Printemps", to talk about these and other important questions at a time when Covid is less acutely present. Constructively, forward-looking, respectfully, and in all openness.

The speakers come from a diversity of disciplines, from Belgium and from abroad, and comprise both people who were close to the government and government policy, as well as people who followed it from a distance.

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